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Online Safety Advice

We have created this page to help you to keep your children safe online. The online world can be a scary place for parents and carers. Things change very quickly and it is difficult for parents and carers to keep themselves up to date with the latest trends. At Limpsfield we believe that the best way to support children online is to create an open and honest culture. Children are naturally curious and the online world allows them to feed this curiosity. Unfortunately, it also allows them access to a lot of material that is inappropriate for them and can provided them with a distorted view of the world. At school we have very robust policies and procedures that minimise the possibility that  children access inappropriate material. However, no school can be 100% sure that the children will not access something that is not appropriate. If this does happen then we teach the children to tell us about what has happened so that we can stop it happening again. We are also aware that children make mistakes. Mistakes are important in life because they help us to learn. We encourage children to be honest with us and if they have made a mistake then we work with them to ensure that they learn from their mistake.

We would encourage you to adopt the same attitude with your children. We all need to teach children how to use the online world safely and creating an open and honest culture with your child means that you can work together to help them to learn how to be safe. There is a lot of information on the internet concerning online safety. Below are some links that you may find helpful when thinking about how to keep your family safe.

Online Parents Film

How I Feel Online- 7-11 Film

UK Safer Internet Centre

NSPCC: Online Safety

If you do ever have any concerns about your child, or another child, then please do not hesitate to contact the school.

The Designated Safeguarding Lead is:                           Martin Moss

The Designated Safeguarding Deputies are:                  Vicki Grayson and Louise Slack

Any of these members of staff can be contacted via school on 0114 2430925

You can also contact Social Care directly on 0114 2734855