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Limpsfield Curriculum Intent

Whole School Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum intent has been constructed in consultation with parents, governors, children and staff. It reflects what we believe the children from Limpsfield Junior School need to be successful in learning and in life. When considering the curriculum we ensure that we not only value the formal curriculum but that there is also a strong emphasis placed upon the informal curriculum.

Our Curriculum Intent

  • To provide all children with the ability to make choices in their lives
  • To support children to be able to build positive relationships with others
  • To help children develop their emotional resilience
  • For children to enjoy learning and positively engage in the process throughout their lives


Our curriculum is constructed to allow children to make active choices in their education and in their futures as adults. We want them to be able to actively choose the path that they follow in life. Our curriculum is the vehicle to provide children with the knowledge and skills to make these choices. For this objective to be successful our curriculum will;

  • Support all children in  achieving the best that they can
  • Cover all subjects, as laid out in the National Curriculum, with breadth and balance
  • Embed and progress knowledge and skills
  • Allow children to develop skills for life

Positive Relationships

Our curriculum will support children to develop positive relationships with others. We recognise that the development of positive relationships is an important life skill that can result in a more fulfilling life and better employment opportunities. For this objective to be successful our curriculum will:

  • Celebrate diversity and difference
  • Promote spiritual and moral understanding
  • Develop an understanding of positive citizenship
  • Embed mutual respect

Emotional Resilience

The ability to adapt to different situations is an important skill for life. Our focus on emotional resilience within our curriculum is a recognition that those who are strong in this area are better placed to be able to be successful in the choices that they make. For this objective to be successful our curriculum will;

  • Provide opportunities for children to develop the skills required for emotional resilience
  • Recognize and meet the needs of different learners
  • Focus openly and honestly on mental health
  • Challenge learners and allow them to take risks

Enjoy Learning and Positively Engage in the Process

Learning should be an enjoyable experience. We recognize that an enjoyable experience will not only help to embed knowledge and skills but will also promote the value of learning for the pure sake of learning. Through our curriculum, we will support children to recognize that they will encounter learning opportunities throughout their lives. For this objective to be successful our curriculum will;

  • Provide children with memorable experiences
  • Identify, value, and nurture all learning
  • Celebrate success and manage failure
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