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Time to get your school applications in

We are urging families applying for their child’s school place to make sure they fill in their application forms.

Read the letter from Sheffield City Council here.


Limpsfield Junior School Admissions Procedures

At Limpsfield Junior School we are dedicated to raising the attainment and achievement of all pupils whatever their background. We endeavour to provide a positive, supportive and secure learning environment to achieve this goal. We recognise that the admission of a child to our school can be a difficult time for both parents/carers and children and we work hard to ensure that we ease any anxiety by having a structured approach to all admissions.

Admission into Y3

For many pupils, the initial point of entry into Limpsfield Junior School is at the beginning of Y3. This is a statutory entry point and admissions are managed centrally by the Local Authority with the school receiving a list of allocated pupils around March/April.

Parents who have been allocated a place at Limpsfield are invited to attend a meeting where they and their children can visit the school, ask questions and have a look around. We also contact feeder schools to discuss the needs of vulnerable children and arrange additional meetings for them and their parents. Further transition sessions are arranged when the Y3 children are invited to spend time at our school working with their new teachers. Information sharing meetings are held between teachers from Limpsfield and teachers from the different feeder schools.

Throughout the whole process the focus is on ensuring that the school has a full and accurate picture of the pupils and their needs. Wherever required we endeavour to ensure that bi-lingual support is available throughout the process.

The sharing of information is an important element of an effective transition. This will include academic and social information as well as specific information on SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) and safeguarding (including child protection). All information will be shared in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation and the schools privacy statement.

In Year Admissions

In year admissions are again managed centrally by the local authority. The school has a procedure that it follows upon allocation of a pupil to ensure that this process is as smooth as possible.

Upon receipt of the allocation of a place for a child from the local authority the school contacts the parents/carers to confirm that they want the place and to arrange a meeting. During this conversation the school will confirm whether the family will need first language support. Meetings are usually arranged for a Wednesday and the child and parents/carers will be asked to attend.

During the meeting the family will be given a prospectus and other information about the school. They will be given a tour of the school and will also meet their new class teacher and pupils from their allocated class. If the child has English as an additional language then assessments will be carried out by the members of the school’s inclusion team.

The child will then be given a start date which is usually the following Monday. The delay in starting the child provides us with adequate time to share information and prepare appropriate resources. If the child is transferring from another school we will also use this time to contact the school to gather information about academic performance, any SEND needs or any safeguarding information that we might need to know. Arrangements will also be made to gain hard copies of any information held by the previous school.


If parents/carers are unhappy with the school that their child has been allocated then they have the right to appeal to the local authority. The decision will then be assessed by an independent panel and either upheld or the child will be allocated to the preferred school.

For further information concerning the admissions procedure please see this booklet:

This procedure was updated in September 2018