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Charging and remissions policy

Pupils Activities

The school has a wide programme of educational visits and activities which take place both in and out of school hours.

The school subsidises some of these visits during school hours but in order to maintain current programmes the school may ask for voluntary contributions from parents towards the costs of these visits. If not enough voluntary contributions are received then the school has the right to cancel the event.

For activities that take place mainly or wholly outside of school hours, the school can ask for full payment for these.

No child shall be refused access to, or involvement in, any activity on the basis of non-payment.

Materials and Equipment

Charges will not be made for any materials, books or other equipment for use during school hours. But where a parent indicates in advance that they wish to retain a finished product then a charge may be made for the materials used.

Breakages or damage to school premises/equipment

The school will charge parents/guardians for damage to school premises or equipment when this is a result of their child’s behaviour.

Letting of School Premises

The school is not allowed to incur any cost for the letting of the premises. All lettings will be charged at an economic cost to the school, taking into account Building Supervisor overtime, cleaning and energy costs. All hirers will be expected to demonstrate that they have adequate insurance to compensate the school for any damage they may cause.

All lettings will be invoiced and the monies banked in accordance with the Finance Policy.


The Governing Body may wish to remit in full or in part, the cost of activities for particular parents, for example, in the case of family hardship. These parents are invited to talk to the Headteacher in confidence to discuss the remission of charge in full or in part. The Headteacher, in consultation with the Chair of Governors, will make authorisation for any such remission.