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Governors of Limpsfield Junior School

Limpsfield Junior School is a state junior school for children between the ages of 7 to 11.

The name of the governing body is “The governing body of Limpsfield Junior School”.

The governing body consists of:

1 x LA Governor

1 x Headteacher

1 x Staff Governor

4 x Parent Governors

3 x Co-opted Governors (1 x staff Governor)

The total number of Governors is 10

This instrument of government comes in to effect from 1st September 2015.

This instrument was made by order of Sheffield Local Authority on 14th May 2015.

A copy of this instrument will be supplied to every member of the governing body.

Governors Pecuniary Interests

The table below provides any pecuniary interests our Governors have declared for the 2016/2017 academic year

This will be updated for the 2017/2018 academic year during the full governing body meeting March 8th 2018

Governors Name Category Pecuniary Interests
Peter Price Local Authority Local Councillor
Jamie Middleton Co-opted None
Chris Rigby Co-opted None
Lisa Swann-Ferris Parent None
John Drennan Parent Employed by Kier
Sajid Rasul Parent None
John Young Co-opted None
Claire Dungworth Staff Teacher at Limpsfield Junior School
Martin Moss Headteacher Headteacher at Limpsfield Junior School

Currently, no member of the Limpsfield Governing Body holds a position of governance at another educational institution.

Governor Attendance

The tables below show Governor attendance at meetings for the 2017/2018 academic year

Full Governing Body Meetings
 Name 17/11/2016 16/3/2017 6/7/2017
Peter Price Yes Yes Yes
Andrea Marriott No Resigned
Suzie Huntingdon Yes Resigned
Lisa Swann-Ferris Yes Yes Yes
John Drennan Yes Yes Yes
Sajid Rasul No Yes Yes
John Young Yes No Yes
Claire Dungworth Yes Yes Yes
Sandra Leary Yes Yes Yes
Martin Moss Yes Yes Yes
 Rosie Cole appointed 6/7/2017 Yes
Chris Rigby appointed 6/7/2017 Yes
Curriculum and Standards Sub-Committee
Name 22/9/2016 3/2/2017 19/5/2017
Suzie Huntingdon Yes Resigned
Lisa Swann-Ferris Yes Yes Yes
Martin Moss Yes Yes Yes
Chris Rigby appointed 6/7/2017 Observer Observer
Finance, Premises and Staffing Sub-Committee
Name 14/10/2016 3/3/2017 13/5/2017
Andrea Marriott Yes No Resigned
John Drennan Yes Yes Yes
Martin Moss Yes Yes Yes
John Young appointed 16/3/2017 No